When Adecco experienced some difficulties communicating their Onsite solution (both internally and with clients), we took the many complex PowerPoint slides and turned them into a small explainer video instead. Once made, it seemed like the obvious solution – and it is now used to introduce the concept to all potential clients.

To some, Adecco is mostly synonymous with blue collar workers. We wanted to tell a different story and portray how the collaboration is seen from the hiring managers perspective – the clients perspective. Demonstrate how a collaboration with Adecco can make his or her life easier.

Not all videos are done the Hollywood way – on grandiose pathos and big budgets. Sometimes it’s a different, more basic kind of story that’s required.

For Adecco, it was about replacing the consultants’ comprehensive sales presentation with something lighter – in this case, a video that briefly describes how Adecco can help new customers.