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We paired great freelancers with great companies for Marcher Markholt

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We made work more safe with Dansk Kemidatabase

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We informed Danes about COVID-19 with 81 online campaigns

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We made food fighters proud of cooking

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We made employees prouder of being part of Adecco

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We help agencies and businesses designing and developing effective and creative digital communication.

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We solve business problems through design, technology and user-centric approach.

We have a weakness for all things impossible. That’s why agencies and brands come to us, when in need of digital problem solvers. We do small and big. Easy and complex. And we like to do things a little smarter, and a little faster.

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Our approach

If what you’re looking for isn’t listed below, we’ll take the Pippi Longstocking-approach: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

Value for money

When you hire us for a job you get our full commitment. Compared to other digital agencies and freelancers we have a fair DKK 1250,- hourly rate, and on larger engagement we also offer attractive loyalty discounts.

Impossible is nothing

We are problem solvers. Often people come to us with challenges that seem impossiple. But alternative problem solving is one of our strengths, and we always come up with a solution.

Honest and open dialogue

We are not married to any certain technology, framework or CMS. And we are an independent company with a large network. We prefer to say things the way we see them. Always served with a smile ;)