Film & animation

Tell your story in 90 seconds

Animated films go by many names. Whether we call them explainer videos or simply animations is not important. The important thing is that they can convey your messages in a simple, engaging and easy to understand way. Often with the twinkle in the eye that is so important in the battle for viewers’ attention.

Improve your Message and Brand Recall

One of the most compelling means of communicating online is to effectively leverage the power of video. At its essence, this form of digital communication is simply the application of technology to the age-old story telling process. It’s direct, emotional, impactful, and entertaining.


A product or concept that might be difficult to explain via text or images can often be easily demonstrated in a short clip. Keeping it simple is relatively simple — know your audience and keep the message short. Be sure to include a good voice over for multi-tasking viewers who may not have their eyes on their screen at all time. And get to the point – quickly. Use of smart meta data and descriptions will ensure your videos are found, watched and shared.

Social Media & DOOH

To bring the new service to market or evolve an existing service, we then define the people, process, technology and organizational structure required to deliver the experience.

Branding videos

You can’t increase the intrinsic value of something by adding game mechanics but you can make the value more visible. Providing informational feedback, sharing of progress and revealing a path for self-improvement are all exceptional motivators.

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