Time to brush up your brand

We can help you with branding and communication. We have done it many times before and use this experience to solve the task, well thought out, efficient and with good craftsmanship.

Our approach and process

Every rebranding process is unique, but some steps are fixed and must be carried outto ensure a successful project and effective outcome.At Banyo, we follow a fixed rebranding process that includes the steps shown.Our work starts with brand research and ends with permanent brandsguidelines and brand implementation.The scope of the task also varies, of course, and the specific focusareas and deadlines can affect the budget in both directions.

Our team has senior skills within strategy, branding design, development and online marketing to secure that your re-branding will be effective and successful.

The advantages are many:

Improved brand identity

You get a coherent and engaging brand experience across all channels.Online brand platform, as guideline and toolbox for future graphic production

Reinforced brand values ​​and storytelling

A rebranding process allows you to define or redefine your brand values, which improvesposition on the market and differentiate yourself positively from the competition.

Access to new markets and increased competitiveness

An updated brand identity and storytelling can strengthen your position in existing and new markets.A defined marketing strategy ensures that we communicate precisely and effectively towards your target group.

Increased customer loyalty

A successful rebranding strengthens the relationship with your existing customers and attracts new ones, as weaccurately communicates the customers' needs and guides them through the customer journey.

Strengthened internal culture

The process must also be anchored internally, and give your employees insight into the company'shistory and values. This strengthens team spirit and pride within the company

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